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How is the paper used in Letterpress printing different to other paper?

We use Crane Lettra for our letterpress printing unless an alternate paper is requested. Crane Lettra is a luxurious paper specifically manufactured for letterpress printing. Lettra, made from 100% cotton, isn’t compressed during the manufacturing process resulting in a very soft and fibrous paper that absorbs ink.

What is the best way to provide you with my design when supplying my own design?

We ask for all supplied designs to be provided to us as a PDF that has been saved or output from a vector based design package such as Illustrator.

Will I need to pay for an additional colour if I want to simply press into the paper without adding a 2nd colour?

Yes. Pressing into the paper without ink will create a ‘blind impression’. We still require a new plate to be made and an additional print run to create this effect.

Is there any limit in the number of colours that can be used in letterpress printing?

In theory there is no set limit in the number of colours that can be used in letterpress printing. The most that we have ever used to produce a design is four. More colours do require more plates to be created and more time to produce the print which will increase the price.

Why is the price higher when including a second colour in letterpress printing?

Letterpress printers apply a single colour at a time based off a custom-made plate that encompasses your design. A separate plate and second print run is required to add an additional colour resulting in an increased price.

Are you able to print using a metallic ink?

Yes we can. There is an important distinction between printing with a metallic ink – say Gold for example, and Gold Foiling. We will happily discuss both approaches with you to ensure that the finished print will represent what you have envisaged.

Am I restricted in the type of colour I can include in my letterpress invitation or business card?

You are not restricted at all. We can print your design in any colour of your choosing.

Are you able to letterpress print each guests name on an invitation?

Unfortunately we cannot letterpress print each guests name as each invitation is created by pressing a physical plate into the cotton-threads of Lettra. We do have a number of options available such as belly bands to individualise each invitation which we would be more than happy to discuss with you.

Will I be able to meet with you face-to-face to discuss my requirements?

We love to meet in person and discuss your requirements and inspirations face-to-face. Pink Teapot is based in Essendon, Victoria. If that’s a convenient location for you then please contact us to arrange a suitable time.

If I’m not based in Melbourne, are you still able to design and print our letterpress invitations?

Of course we can. Whilst many of our past clients have been Melbourne-based, we have printed wedding invitations for brides & grooms all across the country. We also send many of our letterpress cards right around the globe.

Do you offer digital printing or do you offer only letterpress printing?

We offer both Letterpress and Digital printing services. However, we only use Digital printing, as required, to complement a Letterpress piece. If you are interested in a digital-only package, we are happy to recommend some excellent printers to you.

If someone else has already designed my wedding invitation or business card, can I use Pink Teapot to print this design?

The short answer is, yes. We act as purely as a printer but also offer existing template designs, and custom-design services. Please contact us if you do have your own design. We can take you through the next steps and will also ensure that the design is best suited to Letterpress.

How long does it take to have letterpress invitations or cards printed?

We require 3 weeks from the time a design is finalised. This allows enough time to complete the printing of a package or suite. We sometimes are able to complete the printing sooner but we don’t like to promise something that we cannot guarantee.

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