Delightful Custom Design Letterpress Wedding Invitations

We’ll create something super spesh just for you or bring your own custom design!

Can’t see anything from our range that screams “Pick me! Pick me!”? Perhaps your style is more leopard print than lace? More sci-fi than floral? There’s no need to stress out your mouse cursor searching, because we can custom design you a wedding invitation that is as inimitable as you are. If you want a special something on your invite, a special something you will have.

Whether hanging on your aunty’s fridge or sitting on your bestie’s coffee table, our custom design letterpress wedding invitations will look flabbergastingly fetching wherever they’re kept.

We make our process easier than saying “Yes! Now!” to red velvet cupcakes

Like a creamy carbonara or nanna’s homemade lemon meringue pie, good custom letterpress design takes time and patience. It’s a process that means we treat our customers with respect, care and understanding, so that we can translate this attentiveness into something that will blow your socks clean off.

Once we’ve had a big old chat and we’re sure we have a pretty good idea of what types of colours, fonts and layouts will make you jump for joy, we go about creating your custom design wedding invitations. This is a process that usually takes about 2 weeks from start to finish. Because we’re creating something extra amazing just for you, the custom design service comes with an extra fee. Prices range from $130- $300 depending on complexity of design. This design cost is then added to the final cost of the invitation packages, which you can find over on the wedding invitations page.

Already have a design ready to go? Your graphic designer friend of a friend of your hairdresser created something marvellous for you? We can also print from supplied files. Just let us have a little look-see at the file beforehand to make sure it is letterpress friendly.

Ooohh… Aaaah. I’m ready to get started. Yippee!

Whether you want us to whip up something gorgeous for you, or you want to make your own wedding invitations, pop on over to the ordering page and learn how to order.