The precious art of letterpress printing explained…

Today’s world values quantity over quality, speed over precision, and the ephemeral over the tactile.

At Pink Teapot Design and Letterpress, we like doing things differently. We favour attentive care, a thoughtful creative process, slow-paced perfectionism to create art that we can both see and feel. Our muse? A beautiful 800kg cast iron piece of printing history that’s turned a letterpress dream into a reality.

Remember learning about the Gutenberg Press in high school? Our friend Gutenberg invented the first ever printing press all the way back in 1440. Movable blocks of letters were arranged inside a caddy, which was secured in place using a frame we call a ‘chase’. Craftsman would then apply only light pressure to transfer ink to the paper, leaving no impression, unlike the modern letterpress of today. Old Gutenberg truly changed the way we communicate, and letterpress printing enabled bibles, books and newspapers to reach the masses. When the faster offset printing took over, letterpress printing was left by the wayside, only to be revived in recent times as an artisanal printing method.

Today we see century old machines revived with a new appreciation for nostalgia and timelessness, but with a modern twist. Ink is now pushed deep into the paper fibres, resulting in an impression that you can both see and feel. Brushing off the dust and emerging from long forgotten back rooms, vintage letterpress machinery is now producing all kinds of beautiful paper ephemera to be adored by new generations of stationery geeks. Once you run your fingers over a beautifully pressed piece you’ll see why we’re championing this antique craft – letterpress is simply a tactile love.

We love a pretty first impression!

Here at Pink Teapot, we like to get our hands dirty. All inks are mixed by our careful hands, and each piece of velvety-soft card is fed into our antique presses one by one. We take our time creating your wedding invitations, birthday cards and business stationery to ensure they’re just right, because we’re perfectionists like that.

Letterpress printing is a truly timeless craft, and a wonderful tribute to those special events in life.

Pretty first impressions are our favourite kind, and that’s exactly what letterpress printing does. Leaving a unique and memorable mark is hard, whether you’re a bride, a businesswoman or need to send a thank you card to mum.

If you want to tip your hat to someone in the stationery form, a beautiful and thoughtfully created letterpress print is perfect for all occasions.

Looking for something super dooper special?

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