The Non-book Guest Book

The traditional guest book, with it’s gold foil edges and neat little lines, will always have a place at weddings, but sadly not really a place in our homes. Banished to a bookcase or in a dark drawer they rarely see the light of day, after the day itself is over. Which is why I love the clever alternatives that put the well wishes of your wedding guests on permanent display. Whether framed upon a wall, on a custom made love seat or on a quilt destined to become a family heirloom, these are constant reminders of your special day and the special people that helped celebrate it.

IMAGES: World Map via Etsy, Thumbprinting via Etsy, Jigsaw Puzzle via Etsy, Love Seat via Elizabeth Anne, Display Plates via Martha Stewart, Globe via Glamour and Grace, Quilt via Swoon, Tree Art via Etsy, Balloon Art via Emmaline Bride, Stones via Bridal Style.

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