Born from a simple love of ink on paper. And now we want to share that love and enthusiasm with the world. One beautiful bespoke letterpress wedding invitation at a time

Bespoke letterpress printing for brides, business types and big stationery lovers.

letterpress wedding invitations

Oh hello there! We’re Pink Teapot, a cute bespoke letterpress print and design studio in Melbourne.

But truthfully, we’re more than that.

We’re lovers of tactile and personable experiences, makers of thoughtful bits and bobs, and most importantly, purveyors of beautifully pressed paper goodies.

A romantic with a penchant for antiques, Kasey is in her happy place with inky hands amongst vintage presses. 

With our little family of Heidelberg Windmills, whooshing and ker’klunking to their unique little tune, we lovingly print your wedding invitations, one by one, with care and adoration for the print process itself and for the special occasions in life they represent.

History, tradition, craftsmanship and so much love, put into each and every print.

Letterpress printing…the best way to leave an impression

Are you an excited bride-to-be looking to add a splash of romance to your guests’ letterboxes? Maybe you’re after something a wee bit fancy for you or your staff to hand out to very important people? Bespoke letterpress printing is a grand way to brand your name, business or event in timeless style. Though we have faith in your every ability to express yourself and communicate, sending a letterpress printed card, invitation or paper aeroplane* will definitely give you a helping hand.

And it’s not just thank you cards, birthday cards, wedding invitations and business cards we dabble in either. You’ll quite obviously need a pretty envelope to carry your message, and thankfully, we can do these too.

Because some things are more fun when you use your hands. Take letterpress printing for example. Rather than hunch over a screen in Illustrator or Indesign, we’re nuts about getting our hands dirty with a bit of ink and some polymer plates on paper. It’s a process that we love doing, and it shows in our work.

* We have never done this, but we’ll see what we can do.


So much love put into each and every print

Our aim is to provide brides-to-be, business owners and the creatively inclined with gorgeous paper based accoutrements that they and those around them will cherish for years to come.