For every product we print for you,
a tree gets planted for future generations

We strive to use recycled content cardstock or paper sourced from sustainably managed forests where possible. We have chosen our stocks from environmentally accredited mills and work with companies that share our vision in reducing our impact on the environment. 

As part of this commitment, we have partnered with One Tree Planted, a non-profit organisation focused on reforestation on a global scale. We choose to plant trees a little closer to our hometown in New South Wales, where an unfathomable 8.8 million acres was lost in the recent devastating bushfires. With wedding suites being made up of four or five pieces, that’s four or five new trees being planted on your behalf and it is a significant offset to the amount of card actually used in your stationery. Together we can help regenerate the scorched earth and provide future homes and food for the thousands of animals that call the bush home.

In addition to this initiative, we are active reducers, re-users and recyclers with everything from soft plastics, card, cloth, batteries and printer cartridges being recycled and made into new products. We re-use where possible (which is why you may receive some used bubblewrap or air-pockets from an old amazon order). We use only recyclable materials in our packaging and our tissue paper and stickers are all FSC certified.