Personalise your wedding stationery and make it uniquely yours by incorporating different print methods, coloured, textured or transparent cardstock, die-cut shapes, pretty addressed envelopes with envelope liners and a multitude of embellishments.


The most economical way to print and with a variety of coloured card stocks and textures available, the results are stunning. Dark tones on lighter colours recommended.

Some gorgeous looks can be created with white ink printing. Generally reserved for use on darker coloured card, white ink on lighter stocks produces a dreamy, romantic feel.

The technique that started it all. Modern day letterpress pushes ink deep into soft card, giving an impression you can see and feel. Cotton cardstock or 600gsm weights are best.

Shiny reflective foil is stamped onto card using heat and metal printing plates – hence the added expense. So many foil and coloured card options, all with equally gorgeous results.

We have carefully selected all of our cardstock from various suppliers across the country and the globe. We use environmentally accredited paper mills and strive to use acid free, Ph neutral, recycled or FSC stocks. Colours shown here are the current favourites and on trend colours, but if you don’t see something that appeals, or you need to match an existing colour, we can surely source something for you.

Wedding Invitations card colour

These colours have a soft, orange peel like texture to them, which can elevate a simple design to something really remarkable.
Perfect for when letterpress is out of budget, but when wow factor is definitely in.

Wedding invitation design and print

Letterpress favours softer, pillowy card with a cotton content and our current house stocks are Crane’s Lettra, Neenah Cotton, Gmund Cotton and Cordenons Wild. These give a lovely impression in all weights, but especially 450 and 600gsm. If you are wanting a coloured card to be letterpress printed, some of the above premium or textured cards can work, or we can source a suitable, more letterpress friendly Colorplan cardstock. But we highly recommend duplexing to a thick 500gsm or 600gsm (even a swoon worthy 700gsm!) for that amazing deep letterpress impression we all know and love. Have a chat to us about this and we will work with you to achieve the best results.

letterpress wedding printing

We offer a selection of premium envelopes to perfectly finish off your wedding stationery and serves as your guests’ first glimpse of the gorgeousness that awaits inside. All envelopes can be digitally printed with your guest addresses on the front and your return address on the back. Or you can have a Letterpress or foiled return address if choosing that print option. RSVP Envelopes are also available in a selection of colours and can be printed, letterpress or foiled with your return address on the front.

wedding Stationery Melbourne

We know how overwhelming choosing colours can be. Which is why we have put together some colour options that were just meant to be together. These colour suites can be used across all of your stationery and wedding day to provide a seamless, coherent aesthetic.
We of course welcome you to choose any colours your heart desires, this is just a few of our current favourites.

With over 15 years in the design and print space, we are at home with paper, colour and ink. If you are overwhelmed with choice (trust us, we get it!) we would love to come up with some options just for you and your chosen design. You can send us photos of your flowers, cake, dresses, suits or a whole Pinterest board and we will select a colour theme that will work beautifully with your individual style.